Friday, February 20, 2009

Seth's Big Idea

I love to hear Seth thinking things through, especially in regard to the Bible. The other day Seth was thinking about the flood. He came to me with a question something like this...

"Mami, did the animals who did not get in the ark die?"

I answered, "Well, Seth maybe some of the water animals didn't die, but the animals who were not in the ark probably died."

Seth quickly said, "But why? Why didn't Noah put them in there... oh yeah because they came in two by two. But why, did God tell Noah to only put two of each kind."

"I guess because he probably couldn't fit all the animals in the ark, only a few."

"Well, I have an idea, why didn't Noah build three boats so all the animals could fit?"

"Well, first of all because God told him to just build one. But Seth I think it was a lot of work for Noah and his family to build one ark. It took him a long time to build just one ark."

"I have an idea...Noah could build one boat and then rest for a minute, then build another boat and rest for a minute, then build another boat and rest for a minute."

I don't remember exactly what I said after that... What would you have said? ;)