Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay, so I am really getting frustrated with this here blog. I like to include pictures with every posting, but it is becoming impossible to upload pictures to blogger. Like I would really like to put a picture of my frustrated face on this posting, but it is just to frustrating to even try. If this problem does not get resolved I may have to shut this down and find another blog service. I feel sad to leave all these my old posts behind, but I may have to go on to bigger an better things. I'll let you know all my faithful readers :) what I decide.

Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Re-Paint Furniture from youtube

Saving this video for later use. I want to learn to re-paint furniture. This looks like a good tutorial. Love me some educational videos :)

Oh and here is a helpful article I found

How to Paint Without Leaving Brush Strokes

How to Paint Without Leaving Brush Strokesthumbnail
Paint Without Leaving Brush Strokes

I decided to paint my bookcase myself. But as I progressed I noticed a lot of thick brush strokes that wouldn't go away no matter how smooth I tried to make it. When the bookcase finally dried and I realized the brush strokes were here to stay, I decided to do a little research myself. I just could not figure out what I did wrong. I wanted that smooth finish that you see everyday. So here are a few tips to eliminate those unwanted brush strokes and get that smooth, even finish.

Moderately Challenging


things you'll need:

  • Paint Brush
  • Foam Roller
  • Floentrol/Penetrol
    • 1

      Relax. Most of the woodwork you will ever see is sprayed with a spray gun. So if your using a brush don't expect the same finish.

    • 2

      Buy a soft brush. There are only two different types of brushes out there. Brushes for stains, and brushes for paints. Most the them are made of nylon these days. Benjamin moore makes great brushes as well as that can be rinsed out and used over. Purdy also makes great brushes that are a little cheaper. Expect to spend around 10 on a good brush.

    • 3

      Choose your paint type. Most paints these day are all latex acrylic. Oil based paints are an old technology. Some paint stores don't even carry oil based paints these days. Different paint sheens can make a huge difference in the size of your brush strokes. Flat is your least likely followed buy Matte, satin/pearl, eggshell, semi gloss, and high gloss. Once you get to semi gloss it's almost impossible to paint without leaving brush strokes.

    • 4

      Add an additive to your paint. Thinning out the paint will take it longer to dry but during the drying process it will have more time to settle flat. Floentrol is one of the best thinners out there. Penotrol is it's counter part used for rare oil based paints. You mix about half of the bottle into a gallon of paint.

    • 5

      Brushing the paint on is the easy part. Long thick strokes going with the grain of the wood are best. Do not soak the brush. You only need to dip about an inch of the brush into the paint. Going any further will only result in unused paint dying on the brush before you can wash it out. When your done or in between coats, store your brush in the freezer. This will prevent the paint from drying into the brush for short periods of time.

Inspiring Titles :)

I previously mentioned blogging about Inspired Finds found. Here in my blog the translation for my postings are more like "Rebeca's Wish List" or you could call it "Hint, hint, Tim ;)"

A more Biblical approach I could take on my posting would come from the passage

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds" Hebrews 10:24.

Let me explain how this fits in... So see as I write my wish list on this hear blog I am spurring my husband and other loving people to consider how they may show their love by giving some of these great gifts to their loved ones. I am encouraging deeds of love.

So you can take your pick on Titles for my upcoming Blog Posts...
Inspired finds from Inspiring Women/Rebeca's Wish List/Hint, hint Tim/The Hebrews 10:24 Blog

Hope you are feeling inspired today

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspired Finds from Inspiring Women

I am excited to be a contributor for a blog belonging to the Uptown Women's Center.

Here is the info I sent to them. My bio and the topic I will be blogging on...

My name is Rebeca Carpenter. I am married to Tim and we have three
children and one on the way. I like to volunteer my time at
different non-profit organizations and community services. I also
enjoy photography and design. One of my favorite things to do is to
follow blogs and find inspiration from the things I see and read.
Therefore I am excited to contribute to this blog the many treasures I
come across on the blog-o-sphere (I think I just made up that word).
If you are looking for a little inspiration, creativity, and
pretty-pick-me-ups then I hope you will come see what I find.

INSPIRED FINDS FROM INSPIRING WOMEN will highlight nifty new products or services provided by women entrepreneurs. Here you will find products ranging
from nature based care products, jewelery, baby items, gifts ideas and
much more. The cool thing is that all these treasures are not only created
by women who are making stuff to sell, but women who are making a difference in the world. Women with passion and vision. Women who will encourage us to be all we can be and live out the life we were meant to live.

So if you have any ideas of women, products, or services I can highlight please send me a message. I will be working on my first posting coming up.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

White Vinegar Tips

Uses for white distilled vinegar

Clean the deposits and water lines in aquariums and fish bowls

Wipe them down with white distilled vinegar and then rinse. For hard stains soak overnight.

Use as an antiseptic on cuts or scrapes

Remove old stickers on cars
Soak a cloth in white distilled vinegar and cover the sticker. They should peel off in a couple of hours.

Clean your washing machine by Pouring a few cups of white distilled vinegar in the machine and run a normal cycle.

Soothe a sunburn by spraying white distilled vinegar on the burn. Chill in the refrigerator for a refreshing relief.

Get rid of smells in plastic food containers by wiping them with a damp cloth that has been soaked in white distilled vinegar.

Make nail polish last longer by wiping fingernails with a cotton ball that has been dipped in white distilled vinegar before painting nails.

Clean sticky scissors with a cloth that has been dipped in white distilled vinegar.

Deodorize the garbage disposal by pouring 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup hot white distilled vinegar into disposal. Let sit for 5 minutes. Run disposal with hot water.

mixing some with water to use as mirror/window cleaner.

It is also a great laundry softener, and doesn't dirty the dispenser!

Windows are another favorite.

And the dishwasher! It cleans dishes spotless and cleans the dishwasher to boot. Also good for getting water stains off glasses or other things with water spots