Saturday, July 3, 2010

North Africa Trip

I am excited to share with you my plans to go overseas to visit some missionary friends we met last year through our church. I will join two fellow members from our Sunday School class on a trip to North Africa. During the first two weeks of September 2010.

The country we are visiting is closed to proselytizing and the area we will be visiting is primarily Muslim so I cannot disclose the specific place we are going.

Our primary objective is to be of encouragement to this beautiful missionary family, and to learn of ways to be of service to them.

I will have to raise approximately $2,000. While our team hopes to raise the money with the help of our church family each individual needs to take on the responsibility of covering the cost.

Please pray that God will prepare the way for us and provide for all our needs.

If you would like to contribute toward the trip:

1) You can make a check out to First Baptist Garland Memo: North Africa Project (They will send you a form where you can write it off your taxes) Mail to: First Baptist Church, ATT: MIssions office, 801 W. Ave. D Garland, Texas 75040

2) If you don't care about the tax stuff you can just give me money :) and/ or mail it to my address with a memo that it's for the Africa trip

For more details feel free to send me a message or text me at 214.673.5071

Thank you-Rebeca Carpenter

p.s. I am working on designing a shirt to raise funds for my trip. Let me know what you think.

For Africa with Love

In Code

Africa skies

Pink Origami Elephant

Africa on my skies

For Africa with Love
Large Heart
Smart logo

Africa on my heart
For Africa with Love
Large logo

One of the main ideas behind the design for these t-shirts originate with something Seth started when he was probably about three.

When he would see the moon that looked like a "smile" he would tell me "Mami, the moon is for you." I would just say "Oh, thank you Seth."

Well, after a while we all started stuff like that. The other day we were walking at Hidden Acres during sunset and the sky had streaks of pink and I told Selah, "Look Selah, the pink in the sky is for you. God loves you so much that he put some of your favorite color up in the sky."

The truth is that everyday God shows us glimpses of His love through nature, people, and events. I think one very cool thing about the continent of Africa is its very unique animals. People go on Safari's just to get glimpses of these animals in their natural habitat.

This is why for the first design I created I wanted to use a picture of a close up of a zebra that I took at the State Fair in the Petting Zoo. I think that those very cool stripes tell us about God's beauty and how He shows His mastery in the details of this world.

For Africa with Love.

God has written love notes for us everywhere, and most clearly in the Bible. In the Bible is where we remember that God's most precious love note was sending His Son, "The Word become flesh" to take away the sins of the world.

I pray for the people of Africa that they may know that Christ came "for Africa with Love"