About Rebeca

The Nitty Gritty of Rebeca Carpenter


i am: a Christ follower. Tim's wife. Mother to Seth, Selah, Sydney, Ava, and Aiden. Pro-life. Bible believing. Saved by grace.

i think: about where our country is headed and worry a little. about my childrens' future.

i know: I am going to heaven when I die. Jesus loves me.

i want: to hear "well done good and faithful servant". to be the best wife and mom that I can be. to travel the world. to love people the way God loves them to the best of my ability. see people the way God sees them. make a difference in the world.

i have: an awesome life. great parents. a great family.

i wish: i was more organized. i was a better housewife. i did not sin.

i hate: sin. the devil.

i miss: my parents. family that is far away. friends that are far away. real Mexican food.

i feel: happiest when I am content with what God has given me.

i crave: real Mexican food. me time. PF Changs. Cheesecake Factory.

i search: on Goodsearch for Hidden Acres :) for ways to improve my photography skills.

i wonder: what the rest of my life will look like. if Seth will grow up to be a farmer.

i regret: the sins I've committed.

i care: about children. about the lost. about missions. about truly making a difference in the world.

i always: tell Tim not to say "always" or "never" when referring to something I do.

i am not:
perfect (believe it or not). very organized.

i believe: Jesus is the answer for the world today.

i dance: with my kiddos and with Tim (though usually not in public because I am Baptist :)

i sing: with gusto but not beautiful.

i laugh: at Tim's corny jokes because I love him. at my kids silliness.

i cry: when missionaries speak. When I watch sad movies. especially when I am pregnant.

i don’t always:
remember to not say "always" and "never" when talking about things Tim does.

i write:
on my Blog. for our newsletter. love notes to Tim.

i lose:
stuff all the time but usually find it after searching the whole house.

i never:
want to be angry at God. want to be a bad wife or mother.

i listen:
to Christian music. Adventures in Odyssey. Christian Radio. To sports talk radio and talk radio because I have to when I ride on the car with Tim (well at least I hear it I don't know if listen is the right word).

i can usually be found:
at home with my kids. on my Mac (don't tell Tim I call it "my" Mac)

i am scared:
of sudden catastrophes but because the Bible says not to be I am working on that.

i need:
Jesus. love. food. shelter. clothing. my family.

i can’t wait: to see Jesus face to face.