Thursday, March 26, 2009

My "Misternary" and "Missesnary"

It is fun to see my ninos using their imagination and trying to use what they are learning.

Seth has been learning about missionaries both at home and at church. The other day he came up with a new game for him and Selah to play together. With a map in hand, Seth put on a cap on his head and gave Selah a cap for her to wear as well. Then he said they were missionaries or should I say "Misternaries" and they were going to go places together. First to Chinese, then Florida, then Mardels. "All those places need missionaries," Tim said to them. Later on after being corrected on the correct way to say China Seth say to Selah, "Ok Missesnary now we are going to China, Florida, and then McDonalds."

"I will be praying for you." I say to my little missionaries.

God Bless them.