Thursday, May 14, 2009

On female issues

This is a posting about female issues, just warning all the male readers out there :)

Ok. So I posted a blog against birth control pills and I know one question that may come up is something like. "What if I take the birth control pill for medical reasons, and not just birth control?"
The two reasons here that I have heard, there may be more, but the two that I am talking about are the issue of bad cramping and irregularity. I was asked that by someone close to me and I asked someone with connections to help me answer this.

This is the response I received from a midwife.

"You are wise not to consider birth control pills for many reasons. Yes, there are some natural remedies for these kinds of problems. What they are experiencing is a hormone issue. Vitex (standardized extract) which comes from the chaste berry is a natural hormone regulator. I would start by taking 2 capsules every day. Also B12 and B complex are very useful. Then when the cycle starts begin taking red raspberry leaf tea or capsules for the cramping. I would do the caps and take 4-5 every hour for the days you would normally cramp. This may take a month or two to regulate, but I really think its worth giving it a try."

I will have to admit that I don't have all the answers to family planning. I have not yet resolved the whole issue, but did find the natural family planning information interesting and helpful. I will not go into detail as to what my hubby and I do because well that is kind of weird and I better stop writing because its getting a little awkward.

I will say that I felt a conviction against birth control pills long before I married Tim and felt confirmation in many ways that I was making a wise decision. I feel that the planning of children needs to be a husband and wife decision to be made day by day and month by month and prayer by prayer.

I hope this does not read as condemnation, but I personally don't like when people say, "Well we don't want to have a child until we are settled and have enjoyed each other. We think we will wait two years before we have a baby." Then the woman goes on to take birth control pills for two years taking on the full responsibility (in a way) of preventing the pregnancy (which how exactly does that happen?). I am just wandering if maybe we should leave some room for the Holy Spirit, to ask Him to lead us to follow God's will day by day, not two years by two years. You know what I mean. Then if I read into the sentence the priority of the marriage seems to be financial security and enjoyment and the belief that after children you can't truly enjoy your spouse.

These are my personal ramblings I leave for my posterity.