Saturday, September 26, 2009

Art as ministry

I have been reading this great little book on homeschooling. Totally recommend it. It's called Christian Homeschooling Foundation & Practice by Christian Liberty Press

In the section titled A Biblical View of Culture, Art, and Technology I underlined this long section
"Every gift should be used to reflect the wisdom of its Creator and imitate the beauty and usefulness of His creative work. The humanistic worldview sees culture, art, and technology as existing only for self-expression, human enjoyment, and selfish vanity. The non-Chrisstian uses culture as a way to revolt against God and glorify himself He thinks that he can create out of nothing something totally original. When man creates, he is not creating something absolutely new, but merely discovering a potentiality which has existed from the beginning. Its proper use becomes a blessing form God for the benefit of men, while its misuse becomes a curse for the destruction of men."

This section (which I pretty much underlined the whole passage) goes on to say
"the student should be taught to enjoy art and produce technology that reflects the glory of God's creation and ministers to others.

So I hope the pictures I create reflect God's glory and minister to those who come across them.
Thank you.