Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Prayer

I received this prayer by e-mail when I was in college. I don't know if it is original to the person who sent it or if it was written by someone else and then personalized for me. I recently found a print out of this prayer among some of my things. I wanted to post it because it is such a beautiful prayer and I hope to share it with the girls at the leadership retreat at HA.

Dear Lord,

I ask that you touch the inner most part of Rebeca's heart tonight and speak to her. Show her more and more the plans you have for her life, and mold her into the woman that you have created her to be. Hold her close and pull her into your lap when she needs to be held. I ask that you would allow her to understand that you are her hiding place, you are her refuge, you are her shoulder to cry on, you are her counselor, you are her defense, you are her vindicator, and you are her daddy.

I ask that you would give Rebeca a new anointing, I ask that you lift off the old anointing that is there and put on a newness, a refreshing, a deeper level of intimacy with you. I ask that you pierce her with your love, your acceptance, your ears, your eyes, your grace, and your power. Allow all those who come in contact with her to see you, Jesus, allow others to understand the person of Jesus just from being around her. I ask that you put people in her life that she would impact and put people in her life that will allow her to grow deeper and be sharpened.

Reveal the things that are not of you in her life, and take her by your side and refine, cleanse, and mold her into the woman you see and have destined to have a huge impact for your Kingdom. Fill her daily with your presence and I ask that a new level of your presence would become a daily reality. Hear her cry to be near to you, and answer her, come quick to help, assist, and bring clarity into her life. Show her and give her a new confidence of things that she will do for you and your kingdom.

Put a new understanding deep in her heart so she will see herself just as you see her, pure, spotless, and your favorite daughter. Anoint her and bring a refreshing into her life. In the name of Jesus.


from John H.