Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In love with learning at home

There are times where I am so glad we homeschool, and strangely enough it is usually when we are sitting at a table doing typical school work.  I of course love to see my kiddos working with a good attitude and surprising me with their skills at math or spelling a word right.  I do love that.  

I love days when I see the older "S" Kids are helping with the little "Aces," and I think that if they were in a typical 8 am - 3 pm they would be missing those times of bonding and learning how to care for little ones.

I love when one of my readers is reading to one of their siblings or taking the time to teach them something they know.

I love when Tim is home early and everyone runs to greet him and just all the time we get to spend together as a family.

I love the times when they get to play outside because it is a beautiful day and there is so much to explore and forts to build.

I love days out with family and friends just cause we can and because socialization is sooo important :)

I love that we can play with baby chicks and see kittens being born when your typical kid is stuck in a classroom.

There are times when it can be a little crazy and they are not really loving one another like I would like them to, and times when I am not loving them like I know I should, but I am glad for the time that I get to make it up.

We may not do book work as many hours as our counterparts but as long as we are learning to love God and love people then I count it as a good day of learning at home.