Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lessons Learned and Unexpected Blessings at UMHB

(Picture taken at UMHB during my fun bridal shower)

I was recently asked to write a little something to go up on the UMHB alumni page. This is what I came up with...

It was nearing the end of the semester when my car broke down. With Christmas break coming up and the need to move out of our dorm I was not sure how I would make it home to south Texas. My car needed to stay at the car shop for several days. I shared my prayer request and needs with one of my school professors, Charlie Robinson, who was also a member of my church. Before I knew it I had received a call from another faculty member, Bobby Johnson, who had heard of my need. Both Bobby Johnson and Charlie Robinson took me to the car shop and took care of talking to the mechanics. I was so grateful and felt so relieved. While that help was more than enough Mr. Bobby Johnson surprised me when he offered to lend me a car to take home for the winter break. I could not believe his generosity. God taught me several lessons that day; that He answers prayers and that He provides. I also learned to be available to help people and to be generous. I learned some of the most important lessons at UMHB outside the classroom.

I don’t know what most freshmen in college expect from the President of their University. I do know that I never expected to meet such an approachable and involved University President. When I think back on my college experience at UMHB I have such great memories of Dr. Bawcom. One of my favorite memory is spotting Dr. Bawcom at different school events with a camera on one hand. When I saw Dr. Bawcom taking pictures of students at school events he was like a father taking pictures of his children. He always looked so proud and excited to see his “children” participating at UMHB. After an Easter Pageant of which I was a part Dr. Bawcom stopped me and a friend to take a picture of us in our costumes. I felt so special to be behind the camera lens of “Father Bawcom.” You cannot imagine how it made me feel to open my school mailbox to find a letter from the office of the President with a copy of that picture. It was an unexpected blessing to be so loved and encouraged by Dr. Bawcom. Dr. Bawcom taught me to be caring and concerned for others. He also taught me that a thoughtful note can make an unforgettable impact.