Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Visit "Home"

We recently took a short trip down to Belton, Texas home to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. The main reason for our trip was to take D.A. a young man whom Tim has been mentoring to meet a friend of ours Bro. Jeff Browning who is a scientist doing research for a neurologist. D.A. has mentioned an interest in becoming a scientist and we wanted him to meet our friend and his fellow researcher who comes from the Republic of Congo like D.A.
Along with that we wanted to see a few other friends in the Belton area.

D.A. and Tim had a very educational time with Bro. Jeff learning about the brain. D. A. actually had a chance to hold a brain. Tim passed on the offer :) That night we had dinner with Bro. Jeff and his wife. Seth, Selah, & Sydney had a blast playing with their grandkids' toys.

After that we had a chance to visit with our friend Lidia, her husband Demetrio, and little Caleb. Lidia and Demetrio let us spend the night in their home. They were so kind to give us a gift card to use for our breakfast at a little Mexican restaurant as well as money for gas. We could not ask for better friends. :)
Aside from the encouragement and generosity of these two dear families we also received some inspiration and spiritual refreshment when we met with Mrs. Tricia Kimbrough, preschool director at FBC Belton, who used to be my boss while I was a student at UMHB. Mrs. Tricia recently finished a cancer treatment. Her strength and words were like sweet honey. She encouraged us in the ministry of Hidden Acres and also in the ministry of parenting. As she shared with us how her oldest daughter was getting ready for her first year of college she gave us a perspective of how time flies and the great importance of teaching our children the ways of the Lord. I had tears in my eyes as she shared from her heart the treasure children are especially when they grow up to follow Christ.

We made one last stop to visit one of Tim's role model of the Christian faith Steve Desjardins and his family. Along the way we passed the UMHB campus which has a large sign intended for the students coming back to school. "Welcome Home". I smiled and thought about when UMHB was home and how nice it was to feel so welcomed by the friends we met.

Steve and Melissa had a baby born a few days after Sydney whom we hadn't met in person. I think it is awesome to have friends who you maybe have not seen in years, but when you see them again is like you never left. Well, this visit was just like that. Steve and Melissa are some of the neatest people, sold out to Christ, living the Bible kind of people. Their lives are like a song of praise. They literally cannot keep from singing praises and they did while we were there. I just sat there and tried to absorb and breath the breath of God as they worshiped. When I meet people like Lidia & Demetrio, Bro. & Mrs. Jeff Browning, Mrs. Tricia, and Steve & Melissa I realize that I have a long way to go in my Christian walk. Lord have mercy on me a sinner.

Before we left the Desjardins I overheard Tim ask Steve "What can we do for you guys? Is there any specific thing you need." Steve usually replies "What ever God lays on your heart." this time he added to that "You know Tim, just do what God has called you to do. As you are doing your part in God's kingdom, you are helping me. " Wow!...I heard those words and my thoughts went to the scripture that talks about Christian being the body of Christ. Wow!...could our little Carpenter family working and walking the ways of the Lord in Dallas really help good old Steve here in Belton, Texas. Really?! What an awesome reminder! Steve you're awesome thank you for sharing your heart with Tim and I.

Thank you Lord that you are still working on me to make me what I ought to be. Thank you for the encouragement to press on that we receive from our brothers and sisters in Christ. Help me to do my part in Your Body as to make things better and not worse for everyone. Thank you that in you we are one.