Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poem for a friend

I came across this poem that I wrote for my friend on her 20th birthday.
I still remember the day I recited it to her at UMHB over 6 years ago.
Here it goes again Lidia!

When He made light
He was thinking of the sparkle in your eyes

When He made the wind
He saw your beautiful hair blowing with the breeze

When He made sound
He heard your laughter and your sweet voice

When He made rain
He thought of the tears that you would cry
and the pain within your heart

When He made trees
He saw the cross on which He would die
to take your pain and clean your heart

When He spread His arms to the cross
He thought of the time you would come running to His arms
where He would hold you for the rest of your life!

-by Rebeca