Thursday, May 1, 2008

Story from upcomming Newsletter

A couple of months ago I thought I was saying goodbye to the Downtown Pregnancy Center, or DPC. I contemplated going back as a volunteer, but was not sure how that would work with three children under three.
Well, almost as soon as I walked in the door to try it out I had my job back. Well, not my part-time job that I left, but a volunteer job in the counseling and publication department at the DPC. An anonymous person is paying for Mother’s Day Out once a week at FBC Dallas (which is right across the street from the DPC office) so that I can volunteer at the Pregnancy Center.
If I get started on talking about the pregnancy center, you better take a seat, because you have found my soap box.
While attending Focus on the Family Institute and learning about abortion I became convicted to become more involved in the cause to protect the unborn, so in college I volunteered at a Crisis Pregnancy Center.
After getting married and moving to Dallas I began looking for a job. When I called the DPC looking for a job, they did not have a position open, so they invited me to train as a volunteer. To make a long story short, after volunteering there for a little while I was asked to come on as part-time staff.
The DPC is one of the best places to volunteer and to work. One, because we share the gospel every day and see the transforming power of God. Two, because we share God’s truth that every life has value and a purpose. Three, because some of the best people work and volunteer at pregnancy centers.
For example, going back to the DPC I was going to test the waters and see how it would go. Let me tell you that as soon as I was back in the counseling room training a new counselor I felt like God’s instrument. I shared the gospel, I prayed with a young lady who had questions and fears, and I felt God’s presence.
I recently had a client tell me that no one had ever explained the gospel message to her. This young lady and her husband had decided to have an abortion because they were not financially ready for another baby. After leading her in the sinner’s prayer and explaining salvation to her I shared with her God’s view on abortion, and how it would affect her marriage. When we went to see our nurse for a sonogram she told the nurse that she had considered abortion, but she had changed her mind after what she had learned.
Praise God! He saved two lives that day!

-Rebeca Elizabeth Carpenter

If you would like to learn more about the Downtown Pregnancy Center check out their website at: