Sunday, January 16, 2011

On my Father's Passing

This is the message I sent to people to let them know about my father's going away.


Thank you to all who have been lifting us up in prayer. Your prayers have been answer and God's will has been done. My father went to be with the Lord this morning at approximately 10 AM. We have been made strong through the power of prayer and the Spirit of the Lord.

His going was peaceful as we prayed and sang hymns over him. Oh how I wish my eyes were open to what was happening as angels came and lifted my father from his sick and frail body.

We spoke to my father these last few days as we visited with him reminding him of how awesome it would be for him to finally be free from his earthly body. We told him how much we knew he loved us. We recalled many memories we had of him, some that made us laugh and some that made us cry. I really wish I could write more eloquently right now, but words fail me. I hope soon that God would give me inspiration to share with you the life He allowed my father to live. My father was a gift to us and many others. He left a legacy for us to follow.

I don't know why but lately a little memory of Selah has been replaying in my head. Selah was singing the song "I have decided to follow Jesus." It is a song that makes me think of my father and I know he would have loved to hear this. So just the other day Selah is walking around the house singing to that well know tune except she changed the lyrics to "I am excited to follow Jesus. I am excited to follow Jesus." I didn't correct her but just smiled to hear her singing that. Her song made me think that truly I should be excited to follow Jesus. We know that there will be times when things look grim and when we will have times of sorrow but when we decide to follow Jesus we know that we can trust his promises. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. He also promises a heavenly home for those who trust and follow him... That makes me excited. Excited to know that today I didn't really have to say goodbye to my father but see you later.

Mourning with hope, Rebeca