Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall the Best Time to Plant

I've read that Fall is one of the best times to plant in the area. After reading this article I realize it is also a great time to plant seeds of the gospel.

I recently came across this magazine called "On Mission" a publication of the North American Mission Board while sitting in the conference room at the Downtown Pregnancy Center. As the big missions lover the magazine just kind of flew into my hands. Realizing that there was enough reading material at the center for others to read the magazine walked out with me. I pretty much read the magazine cover to cover on my way home from Downtown (Don't worry Tim was driving).

I would like to share a really neat and practical way to be on missions this fall from the magazine.

10 ways to be on mission this fall by Carol Pipes, editor

1. Before school starts, gather a group of people from your church and prayerwalk the campuses of your local schools.

2. Adopt an international college student and invite them to your family's holiday celebrations.

3. Practice reverse trick-or-treating. Purchase candy bars and Christian DVDs like the Jesus Film and distribute to your neighbors.

4. Find an elderly couple or single parent in your neighborhood and offer to rake their leaves all season. With each visit continue to develop a relationship with this family.

5. October is World Hunger month. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry. Visit to find out how you can give financially.

6. Start a spiritual discussion group for the men or women in your neighborhood.

7. Organize or help host a Thanksgiving dinner at your church for those who work on Thanksgiving Day or who would otherwise dine alone. Include testimonies and a gospel presentation.

8. Pray for lost family members. When you see them during the holidays, ask if they have any specific requests. It just might jump-start a spiritual discussion.

9. Start a soup night. Invite neighbors over once a week or month for soup and Bible study.

10. Do you commute by public transportation? Pray for the people on your bus or train.