Friday, September 26, 2008

A Letter to Jesus

Seth has been in a letter writing mood. The other day after sending out some thank-you notes for birthday presents he told me he really wanted to send a letter to Jesus. I was on the computer looking at a photography blog of a wedding when he finally brought me the paper and made me write a letter for him. He dictated the following words to Jesus:

"Dear Jesus,

I want to come to your house, but nobody know when we will get to come to your house. I wonder who I am going to marry.

Seth, and Selah, and Sydney"

He wanted to make the envelope special so he stenciled a few pictures on it. Then he really wanted to send something to Jesus in his letter and at first tried to put a little train toy in the envelope. Seeing that the train did not work I offered him a suggestion of putting a picture or stickers in it. He decided that a picture of himself would be a great idea as well of some stickers. He was so excited to get a stamp on it and put it in our mailbox for immediate delivery. Not knowing exactly what to do next I asked Tim how we wanted to work out the mailing it to Jesus part. Tim decided that Seth really should know the mailman's limitations on delivering letters to heaven. I told Seth that I could take a picture of the letter on our mailbox and we could just pretend that the mailman took it to Jesus. We assured him that Jesus knew that Seth had written him a letter.

We will treasure that letter and maybe one day Jesus will show him who he is going to marry.