Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drums Not Guns n the Carpenters

Last night for our fun event of the day we went to get some pictures and video of an event coordinated by Refugee Resources. An organization called "Drums Not Guns" has started working with some of the refugee children on Friday evenings. It was pretty exciting. When we arrived at the apartments there were already a handful of children waiting for the group.

You could tell the kids were getting excited. One interesting thing about their culture is that they do not hide their emotions. You can kind of tell when they are happy (this is an understatement). Another thing about their culture is they are very communal and like belonging to a group. For example, when some of the kids saw Tim they were excited to recognize him from camp. "Hey, I know you," they would say with huge smiles. "You're from camp. I was in the green team!" Then someone else would say, "Yes. I was in the green team too!"

I enjoyed watching the kids including my kids get excited once the drumming session got started. Seth, Selah, and Sydney love music and dancing and you could tell that night. Everyone was jamming. Once they started a little chanting song that said "Africaaaa naaa naaa" it was fun to see the kids get so excited. While some stayed at the drum keeping beat there were a few who just could not keep from dancing. They got in the middle of the group with huge smiles on their faces and as beautifully and as loudly as they could sing they sang "Africaaaa naaa naaa" while keeping beat with their feet and swaying to the song. Once you hear the song it's kind of hard to get it out of your head.

Even Selah and Seth got loose on the floor but seeing they were a little dangerous with the drum sticks we had to tell them to get back to their seats. Some of the drum leaders were smiling at Sydney as she started to bounce around to the beat.

Fun Times!