Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monterrey Exhibit 1

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving Trip to Monterrey. Some of my favorites are still on Nicole's computer from our visit to the children's home. I will have to get those up later.

Church where we serve near "Serro de la Silla" near the mountains

nursing home where we will be working on some gardening projects

my cousin's Juan's daughter

another view of of the nursing home

My cousin Flor's daughter

This was my view for about 12 hrs. I am not complaining.

When I looked back this was my view for more than 12 hrs. though she was not always this peaceful.

Sydney enjoyed the trip and all the attention she had.

Micah & Nicole showing the baby to the elderly people at "Asilo Hermosa Provincia" a Christian Nursing Home

Senor Ramon singing a hymn a prayer asking for the power of God "Dios manda tu gran poder a cada corazon" Lord Bless him!

The construction continues at "La Casa de Carlos" mission house

We met the new pastor and his family at "Cristo La Roca" church. Pastor Nahum.

Micah, Tim, and Pastor Nahum.

Great shot of Sydney outside little cabin outside of church that used to be a place I visited as a child and now owned by my uncle Javier.

Micah & Nicole in love :)
Playing peekaboo in Monterrey, though there is no such thing as "peekaboo"

Senor Carlos shared with me how he has been struggling with heart problems.

More pictures from the Asilo.
Sister Yolanda was so happy and encouraged to hear about a group comming to visit the "abuelos" as she calls them "grandparents"

"Serro de la Silla" & a taxi cab. turn right here to go to Tia Blanca's