Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Travels

We are thankful for the opportunity we have to travel to Monterrey, Mexico in preparation for our upcoming "After Christmas Mission Trip to Monterrey, Mexico." We will travel light. Tim, Sydney, and I will be accompanied by the very much in-love engaged couple Micah & Nicole (don't worry we will be keeping our eyes on them, and put Sydney between them :)

Please remember us in your prayers. We will be traveling to Mission, TX November 25 and are due to arrive in Monterrey Wednesday afternoon. Our trip is short as we hope to be back by Sunday 30th at the latest. Be also in prayer for Grandad & Grandma Carpenter as they care for Seth and Selah. This will be my longest time without them so pray for me. I know Seth has been looking forward to this as he has been asking the last couple of weeks, "Are you going to Mexico yet?!" We are trusting God that there will not be any physical sickness or home sickness on the ninos' part.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Well be eating some turkey tacos for you guys!!

No post could do without some cute new pictures so here they go...