Thursday, November 13, 2008

Felicidades Hermanita

So it finally happened for Ruth my "hermanita." Yes my little sister had been waiting for a special gift that she finally received Tuesday. Her engagement ring. After two years of dating "Boosh" or "Booshie" as my kids like to call him Jody proposed. While I still have not heard the full story I will retell the story of when Booshie first proposed to Ruthie like four years ago or something like that.

Ruth was in highschool and had join a group of us from Dallas on a mission trip. The group was split between two vehicles Ruth riding with one group and Boosh riding with Tim and myself and a few others. So we are on our way back from Monterrey and I decide to teach Boosh some Spanish. I say "Hey Jody, let me teach you a phrase in Spanish" Jody looks at me suspiciously but decides to go along with me. "Practice saying 'casate conmigo.' It means 'come to my house'" He is still not sure whether I am teaching him the right thing and looks to Tim to see if I am lying or something (As if I was a tricky person or something). Tim agrees with me and says, "Yes, 'casate conmigo' means 'come to my house'"

I turn around from the passanger seat and explain to Jody "You know 'casa' means 'house,' 'conmigo' means 'with me.' So it means 'come to my house.'" I can tell he is starting to believe me and he starts practicing. I tell him to try it on the walkie-talkie and practice with Ruth. So he ask Ruth over the walky talky and Ruth says "No" and kind of laughs or something. Jody looks at me with a "what did I just say" kinda face and Tim and I start laughing because he had just asked Ruth to marry him and she said no. He was kind of asking her to come to his 'casa' forever if you know what I mean.

I don't know exactly what Jody did to change Ruthie's mind but whatever it was it worked and I pray God's richest blessings for them as they take this step towards marriage. And when they are mad at each other after they are married I hope I don't get blamed for this one.

Here is the pic of the ring and the picture of the gift Ruth made for Booshie on their special two year anniversary. (I am wondering if Jody proposed that day so he wouldn't have to remember two different dates. Or maybe he didn't want to buy two different gifts. But who knows. :)