Sunday, December 14, 2008

I heart UMHB

There is a not very good picture of me and a quote by me on the UMHB website. (The picture was taken during camps when we were interviewed for an article. and my face was cropped from a family group shot.) If you click the "speaking from experience" button on the bottom left and click through the stories you will find this quote.

"One of my favorite memories was spotting our president, Dr. Bawcom, at school events with a camera. He was like a father taking pictures of his children. He always looked so proud and excited to see his “children” participating at UMHB. After an Easter Pageant, Dr. Bawcom stopped me and a friend to take a picture of us in our costumes. Later he sent me a note and a copy of that picture. Dr. Bawcom made an impact on my life!"