Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seth on National Geographics Kids Website

Back in a post from October I had this picture taken by Seth and called it Seth's first National Geographic photo. I was kind of joking but had actually sent it to a photo contest by National Geographic kids. Well, a month later I received an e-mail that said this:

CONGRATULATIONS on being a winner of the "My Favorite Animal Photo Contest." Your picture taken at the Dallas Zoo was chosen by our judges for its originality and creativity.

Your winning photograph is attached.
In recognition of your great photographic skills, you have won: - 1 Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera (ARV $75) - 1 Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 portable music player (ARV$70) - 1 Fisher Price Kid Tough portable DVD player (ARV $150) - 1 annual subscription to National Geographic Kids or Little Kids magazine (ARV $15) - 1 Mama Mirabelle It’s Movie Time DVD (ARV$15) - 3 Mama Mirabelle books (ARV $25) "

I was so excited for Seth. Well, Seth's picture is now up on the National Geographic Kids website and so I am doing a little bragging on my very original and creative kiddo. To find the page please click
here. His picture is the second one.