Sunday, February 6, 2011


So today for lunch we went by our favorite place to buy warm delicious tamales and ordered our usual dozen to take home and eat for our Sunday lunch.

Well, lately Selah has been more and more picky about food and she decided that she was not going to eat her tamal because she does not like tamales. I told her, "Selah you will eat that tamal, because we are a tamal eating family." I kinda cracked myself up when I heard myself say that. But it was funny that Tim agreed with me and we made her eat it.

Selah also kind of realized to what I was trying to get across. She said "oh yes I remember when it was tamales day." Meaning the day my sisters and I got together to make tamales.

This made me also share with my kids that one of the last meals prepared by my Papi for our family was tamales that he and my mom made when we went to visit in December. One thing I remember crying over as I was talking to Tim about my dad when I heard my dad had had a stroke was thinking back about the last time we visited my parents. I remember that even though my dad had just gotten out of dialysis he took the time to fix ribs and meat loaf for us. My mom and dad had also made tamales that week in preparation for our visit. I knew that this was a way my father liked to show us his love. My dad was a great cook and he loved fixing food for people to show his love and appreciation.

This may be funny, but I really do hope Selah learns to love tamales as much as I do and that maybe tamales will remind her of family and the love that abuelito had for her and for all his family.