Sunday, January 4, 2009

A funny by my chiquita banana

So we are in Mexico at the mission house. I am letting our kids play with the donated toys from FBC Garland Preschool Department. They are small toys in a box some are "Happy Meal toys" still in their wrappers. I tell Seth and Selah not to open the toys that are still in their wrappers because the toys are for the ninos in Mexico.

Selah really had her mind set on playing with a puzzle with the Disney princesses. I was watching her trying to open it when I told her again, "Selah those are for the ninos in Mexico. I told you not to open it."

I can tell that the little wheels are turning in her head as she stops for a second to think while staring at the box. She looks up at me as she has figured how to out wit me and says with her usual cute hand expressions "Mami, but we are in Mexico!"