Friday, January 23, 2009

I heart EvanTell

You will soon find our names on this list.

We are official EvanTell You Can Tell It! Instructors.

Here is a little explanation from their site:

"Did you know EvanTell provides live evangelism training for churches, ministries, prisons and MORE?

Our certified evangelism instructors can come to your church, organization meeting or small group to teach you a clear and simple method for sharing Christ.

Far from mechanical, this seminar will free you up to be a warm, friendly, and gracious witness for Christ as you explain the message of the gospel with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

“Those who have attended the YCTI seminar have begun to use what they have learned and are showing a better ability to witness and to continue to grow spiritually. In the last two weeks we have had several visitors at church who are non-believers. They all were brought by students of the YCTI seminar which indicates a new awareness and concern for the lost.” Hugh Crowder, YCTI Instructor

Course Topics:
  • What Do We Tell the Non-Christian?
  • How to Present the Gospel
  • How to Enhance Your Effectiveness in Evangelism
  • Turning a Conversation to Spiritual Things
  • How Do You Help a New Christian?
  • Reaching Those Who Can Be Hard to Reach (i.e. cultists, relatives, and children)
  • How to Make Evangelism a Habit Instead of a Headache
  • The First Course Christ Ever Taught in Evangelism "