Saturday, January 3, 2009

Monterrey After Christmas Mission Trip Photo Gallery

Pictures from our mission trip

Walking down the neighborhood of the mission church inviting kids.

view of the mountains on our way to the mission church.

one of the children who came to our Bible class.

Sydney helping with our project at Christian nursing home.

You can't start them of too young, Selah also at work.

This is my mom helping with a cleaning project at Christian Nursing Home

Task of the day: Move pile of dirt to a new location.

Posing after a hard morning's work


Playing and working

An elderly man observing the guys at work

Bro. Ramon reading God's Word at the chapel (He was there for hours).

taking pictures outside mission church.

the "ninos" at the church

My cousin Flor at the church

Pinata stuff

remains from the pinata

baby who came to Bible study at the mission house, he had an equally adorable twin brother

Bible class at the mission house. Some prayed to receive the Lord.

We made gospel bracelets

one of the neighbors at the mission house

one of my favorite meals

Sister Ruth and her Fiancee

Mission group(Left to Right: Jody Mc. Stephen G., Sydney C., Selah C., Rebeca C., Seth C., Tim C., Coy C.)

My cousin's family take us to visit the downtown river walk in Monterrey

the crazy mission group leaders

neighborhood boy outside mission house reading a discipleship book we gave him

my dad Rev. Carlos Escobedo

Sydney and the new year pinata

Selah's turn

Seth's turn

remains of the day

Pastor Carlos Pinata

Our handy GPS leading us back home

Thank you for your prayers and support.

In His Service,

Rebeca Carpenter