Friday, January 23, 2009

What is in a Word

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Have you ever thought of how some words really perk your interest. Say for example, if I am talking about Tim, he may hear the word “Mavericks” or “Cowboys," and his head will turn in the direction of the conversation. He will probably near the conversation as this might be something he needs to hear as to learn something or where his input could really contribute to the conversation.

I (Rebeca) on the other hand would move on and follow the person who said something about “chocolate.” “Chocolate, where?” Chocolate cake. Chocolate candy. You name it, I am all over that. (I think my mouth is starting to salivate as I am writing this. :)

Now, where am I going with this.

You see, I think that is where I want to be in regard to “missions.” “Missions, what? where? who? and how can I be a part.” I want my ear and mind to wake up when I hear the word “missions”, “missionary”, “mission trip”. Missions should be my mission anyway shouldn’t it? As a believer I am one who has been given the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). So I should be all over that. But I am not. If I really look at my life I know I am not.

I am not saying that we all need to go to Africa or China, but hey, how bout we stop right now and say a prayer for missionaries who are there. I am not even saying that you need to sign up for the next mission trip offered at FBC Garland, but wouldn’t it be great to get the names of the participants and pray for them while they are away. Maybe even send them a note before they leave and tell them you will be praying for them. I am not saying that you have to support a missionary with $100 dollars a month, but what if you send him a care package once a year. I could go on and on with simple ways to be more missions minded and missions active.

If we all began making contributions to missions by being missionaries where we are, by praying for missionaries by name, by praying for people groups, by giving, and by participating, wouldn’t this be a better world? yes. yes it would.