Thursday, October 16, 2008

Has someone told you they are probably going to hell

There had been times that I have not talked about what God has been doing in my life and through me for fear of sounding arrogant or like I am showing off. I have learned though that Christians should testify and encourage the brethren by sharing what the Lord has done.

So today I would like to testify what the Lord has done and what I have witnessed. It is good to obey the commandment to tell the good news. It's awesome to find someone who is just ready to hear and receive the gift of eternal life. Can I have a witness!!

Today was a good day at the Downtown Pregnancy Center. The first thing I was asked to do was sit in with our nurse as she did a sonogram for one of our abortion minded clients. This client had been very abortion minded on her first visit to the DPC and our director and nurse were very surprised to see her return for a follow-up appointment. She did return with her mom this day. Let me tell you that God was working and had been working in this girls heart. The last time she had been very cold and non-emotional and this time she was crying with her mom and bonding with the child on that sonogram machine screen. We got to hear a little 8 week old baby's heart beat. The mother of this young girl was a Christian and talked to her daughter about how important it was for them to pray about this situation they were in. She reminded her daughter that God could bring her through this. Our nurse did great in sharing God's purpose for this baby and for this young girl. Then we had a prayer meeting right there in that little room. First Dana prayed then the mother prayed and I just sat there silently praising God for what He allowed me to witness.

Next I was asked to counsel a girl that came for a pregnancy test. This young 17 year old was breaking my heart as we were going through the intake as she shared with me some personal things. When we got to the gospel presentation part where I ask "If you were to die today and God were to ask you, why should I let you come into my heaven, what would you say?" She told me she did not know what she would say as she had not really thought about it.

I then asked her "So where do you think you are going after you die?" With all seriousness and sincerity she replied, "I am probably going to hell."

I told her, "You know what... we are all headed there if we do not have Jesus in our life. But no one wants to go there. You don't want to go there, right?" "No. I don't" she said.

"Why do you think you are not going to heaven?" I asked her. "Because of all the bad things in my past that I have done."

With enthusiasm in my voice in knowing that God had been revealing her need for Him to her I told her, "You know what... You are at a great place right now! We are all sinners. I have some bad stuff in my past too and it's great that you realize that because sometimes I get girls here that tell me 'I am going to heaven because I deserve it. I am a good person. I am not that bad' but you know that you need someone to help you that you can't get to heaven on your own right?"

She was right there with me following my every pumped up word. I was getting excited in the spirit. "Yes!" she knew she wasn't getting to heaven on her own. "So then can I tell you the way to get to heaven" "Yes. please."

I went through a tract with her and shared the bad news and good news. Here is a little summary of what we went over

Bad news #1: You're a sinner
Bad news #2: The wages of sin is death
but there are also Good News
Good news #1: Christ died for sinners
Good news #2: If you trust Him through faith you can have eternal life
So do you wanna?

She did wanna. I guided her in her prayer and she said a very beautiful prayer in her words asking Christ to forgive her of her sins and then thanking Him.

After praying with her and then for her she asked me for the tract. I love it when young girls ask me that because it encourages me that this is something that they really get and want to read again or share with someone.

I then took some time to explain to her what had happened how she had been born again spiritually and needed to grow in her faith, how she needs to grow in her relationship with Christ. Later on we talked about God's great love for her and purpose, about how God makes rules for our protection including through abstinence.

I pray right now for her that God will protect her from the evil one. I pray that God's seed in her heart will grow and multiply. I pray that the change Christ's made in her heart will be evident to others and that she will draw people to Christ like the woman at the well. May she realize that Christ is the Living Water she has been searching for. PRAISE HIM!