Sunday, October 5, 2008

What the ninos are saying these days

Selah recent cute sayings:

"That's ok mami. That's ok"

While hugging Sydney,
"Sydney, you're my best friend"

To Mami and Sydney:
"I'm so proud of you two guys"

"That's perfect!"
Seth recent cute phrases:

When I asked him to do something he sweetly replied with a smile
"Well, you have to give me a kiss first" as he pointed to his cheek

After going to the library with grandma
"Mami, there were a lot of cute little kids around Selah's age. She should come with us next time."

Kissing Selah goodnight
"I love you Selah"

"Are there going to be lots of toys in heaven?"

Sydney just baby babbles, but she is getting so good and cute at waving hi while she says something like "haaaiiiiiaaaii" and bye "aaaaaaahhh"