Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am starting one of those

The closer election day gets the more I worry. As some people know, from some of my last postings and my pro-life stand, I do not want Obama as president. I can tell you that I actually do not like that guy. The more I learn about him and what could happen to our nation if he becomes president the more I worry. The other day though I just had to remind myself to really just stop and pray for the man. Not only pray for Obama but Biden and also McCain and Palin (I am loving Palin by the way).

What does worry do anyway? Read my next posting where I will quote some more on that topic.
But well you know that worry does nothing to improve anything.

Therefore I decided to do something a little more productive like pray and encourage other people to join me on some focused time of prayer for our nation. So next time you begin to worry please take a deep breath and begin praying. Let's remember that God is still on the throne and wants us to bring our cares to Him for He cares for us.