Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes I am still on my soapbox

Yes. The more I learn the more I get mad. Let me explain to you some new things I have learned. If Obama becomes president I think all Christians will need to do some serious praying and fasting. Let me explain why.

When president Clinton was in office there was a bill on the floor called the Freedom of Choice Act" As I have mentioned before this bill "would invalidate virtually all state and federal limitations on abortion" Thanks to a lot of prayer and action by Christians and pro-life advocates this bill did not go through.

But Obama has promised his avid pro-choice supporters like Planned Parenthood that when he becomes President that this will be one of the first things he will sign into law. So what exactly does that mean. It means that there will be absolutely no restrictions or regulations on abortion. Abortion on demand from conception to 9 months in utero. And let's say that a baby delivered in the late third trimester is born-alive and could possibly survive like a preemie would well as Obama would have it this baby should not receive any kind of medical care and should just be left to die or made to die.

Further more this bill would cause medical insurance to cover abortion as well as Medicaid. All state limitations would be cancelled. Therefore in Texas the parental notification would be nullified. So someone could take an 11 year old to go get an abortion and her parents would not even have to know.

If this does not make you mad I don't know what will.

To learn more about the lies of Obama please follow this link:

here is a link to another educational video.