Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making my day

Have you ever made someone's day and then realize that making their day also made your day? I did not realize that the day celebrating the culmination of Ramadan that I would be photographing Muslim children dressed their finest. I have started going with Refugee Resources president, Alysa, to help with after school tutoring. Well though this day we did not really do any tutoring because the kids were celebrating I ended up celebrating something else with them. Alysa asked me to make a camp video to hand out to the campers. That day I delivered the video which Alysa played for the children in the room where tutoring usually occurs in their apartment complex. I cannot begin to describe how excited the children were to watch the camp video. They were jumping and dancing and singing along with the songs on the video that they learned at camp. "Big House" by Audio Adrenaline and "Every Move I Make" by Out of Eden were the songs they were singing by heart. How cool! That on that day of celebration they were singing songs about Christ. It was so fun to make their day. I was so happy and blessed to see what an impact a week of camp can make on these children. It is definitely a thing that stays with them.