Thursday, October 16, 2008

Like the one about the Red Sea

So I am not an Israelite as one can easily tell. I was not alive during the Exodus and not real sure that I have any very distant relatives who lived through that. But man wouldn't it be cool to sit at the feet of your mom or grandma, dad or grandad and hear them retell that story about all the cool things God did that they witnessed. God actually commanded these parents and grandparents to tell these stories and to sing songs about the miracles of God so that their kids would be like "Wow! Really! Man our God is just awesome!"

So Seth, Selah, Sydney let's sit down I want to tell you a true story. This is what God did when I was just a little girl (I was 12). Let me tell you first that the God who made the world and broke a river in half is the same God in my story (Actually He is THE ONLY GOD). Well one day God, and me, and my Papi went to the doctor. My tummy had been sick and well my Papi had been really feeling sick for a while. That day the doctor told us some really bad news. The doctor said my Papi was very sick and probably going to die very soon (he had maybe 4 months to live). My Papi and I were very sad and when we told my Mami or Abuelita and Tia Raquel and Ruthie that your Abuelito was very sick we all cried. But you know what... we remembered that God was still there with us so we talked to Him about our problem. Yeah, we prayed and told other people to pray for my Papi and you know what happened? Just like in those stories that you learn in Sunday School where Jesus healed the sick...well He did that with Abuelito. When the doctors found the problem and helped Abuelito feel better He healed Abuelito. You know how the doctor said Abuelito might die really soon, well God has given him another 15 years.

Isn't our God awesome!!